FNESC Science First Peoples Grades 5-9 – Teacher Resource
First Nations Science & Ethnobotany Unit K-10 – Teacher Resource
Science Curriculum Websites
MOE Shared Learnings Integrating BC Aboriginal Content K to 10
Coyote Science APTN
Manitoba First Nations Education Science Links
Forests & Oceans for the Future Curriculum Lesson Plans
Great Bear Sea Curriculum Resources K-12
Knowing Home Braiding Indigenous with Western Science
SFU Science Grade 6-10 English & French

ANED Library Astronomy Resources List
Astronomy Learning Kit
Astronomy Learning Kit Order Form SD36
Aboriginal Moons and Connection to Seasons Lesson Plan
Stories of the Night Sky
Sun Earth Moon Stars Resources
Tlingit Moon & Tide Teacher Resource Elementary
Thirteen Moons Wsanec Peoples Lesson Plan (accompanies Saanich Year Learning Kit)
Saanich Year Learning Kit
Mother Earth Grandfather Sun Student Activities Grades 6-8
Sky Stories: A First Nations Journey Teacher’s Resource

ANED Library Environmental & Conservation Resources List
Sierra Club Going Wild Guidebook
Samaqan Water Stories
Water Grade 8 Lesson Plan
Alaska Seas & Watersheds K-8 Curriculum
Cedar Series Lesson Plan
Coast Salish Connecting Art Environment & Traditions Lessons
Haida Forests
Native Peoples Plants & Animals
Simple Steps to Environmental Action Grades 4-8
Sustainable Seafood Educators Guide Grades K-6
Alaska Seas & Watersheds K-8 Curriculum
Clam Gardens
First Nations Curriculum Makes Learning Relevant – Forests
Beacon Hill Park Indigenous History